Maya Python .OBJ sequence exporter

I'm in the middle of a project where I have to export a lot of long geometry sequences for rendering in After Effects with Element. 

Unfortunately Element can't handle those smooth Alembic files. I've read that FBX being supported in a upcoming version, till then OBJ sequences have to suffice.

It has been a long time since I had to use OBJ sequences. As far as I know, Houdini is the only package that can export them out of the box. And since I'm using Maya for this one that didn't help me. I found a free MEL script online that I did the job for a while, but when the sequences got (a bit) heavier and longer it became much to slow.

So I decided to write my own version in Python instead, to see if I could gain some speed. I tried to keep it lightweight and clean without to many settings, hence options.

I'm sure that there are more than one similar tool out there like this, and possibly faster. But here is mine anyways.


1 )

Copy to your Maya script folder.

2 )

Copy ObjSeq_Exporter.png to your Maya icon folder.


Copy the code bellow to your script window in Maya, highligh the text and middle mouse button drag it to your script shelf (python code).

from ObjSeq_Exporter import *


Right click on the newly created shelf tool and chose edit. Under the "Shelves" tab, rename the tool for clarity and set a correct link to the icon.